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As one of the best home renovation companies in the city, we offer best house ronovations services ranging from floors and ceilings, wall painting and extensions, aluminium portioning, exterior paintings and roof repairs.

Flooring Services

Dustless Mahogany Parquet

 Offers @ Kshs. 3,500 per meter square, complete installation, sanding and polishing.

Raised Wooden Flooring

We’re proud to offer some design and construction services for new homes, on par with our main renovation services!

Exterior Renovation

We offer a wide range of exterior renovation services. We can work on or install the following items and more: windows, doors, decks and siding.

Interior Design and Renovation

Our Remodel agency is known for the excellence, innovation, honesty, caring, and respect for our clients and the environment.

Mvuli T & G’s

Delivering quality services for over 10 years. Prompt. Professional. Dependable. Protecting surfaces and client relationships.

Laminated Floorings

Offers @ Kshs. 3,500 per meter square, complete installation, sanding and polishing.


The Remodel agency is instrumental in providing high quality, debris and mess-free bathroom remodeling at a reasonable cost.

3D Expoxy Flooring

Quality professional 3D Expoxy Flooring for your office or home.

Industrial Expoxy Flooring

Because quality and neatness count, we use the finest products available with quality work at competitive prices. We bring out your niche into the open world.

Experts in Renovations!

Be it a full apartment or home renovation, or just a kitchen or bathroom remodeling stint, every home improvement job we take is always treated with an accordance to our six-step process policy.

Experts in remodediling

Each single development, remodeling or renovation project we take puts our unique project management system to a test. This kind of a complex take on both home and apartment remodeling projects includes a detailed project overview.

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